Fitness Update // Life is still a mess

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Monday: Walking 17, 167 steps/ 7.7 miles.
Tuesday: Walking 8, 910 steps /4.1 miles.
Thursday: 10 mins running, 20 mins cycle, weights.
Friday: 10 mins running, 20 mins

Ha! My life is still a bit mental so fitness is a bit interrupted lately.

I got back from Paris on Tuesday evening, went straight out and spent Wednesday with a hangover.

I’ve been to the gym a couple of times but I’ve had to cut it short. Because I’m moving house in ONE WEEK. And I only have two days off work between now and then.

And one of those days, I’m doing race for life.

So I’m a bit stretched for time right now!

I’m trying to get blog sorted for the days I’ll be without internet when I move, trying to pack, trying to get ready for a 5k race on Sunday and a 10k on the 12th July.

It’s all a bit.. unplanned and out of my control and I don’t like this at all!

At least I can get some normality back in my life after the move. I hope!

Hows your week been?



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