Fitness Update // Is less really more?

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Lol, I used stock photo because that’s the type of blogger I’ve become. I just couldn’t bear to post another bunch of screenshots of my Fitbit. I’m sure you couldn’t bear to see anymore, either.

I went to the gym 3 times last week. I did intend to go more but then I had to change some shifts at work. Well, I didn’t have to, I was asked to change to do someone a favour. So instead of going to the gym, I decided to have a bit of me time as my boyfriend was at work. I did some blogging and played some Xbox instead while chilling out on the sofa. Awesome.

I did 2 arm days and a leg day at the gym, as well as cardio. I’m finding it hard to stick to my normal routines with set days doing set targeted exercises because I’m struggling to get the machines I need. I really needed the leg press one-day last week and a guy spent ages doing leg press then doing lunges around while reserving the machine with his stuff. So that was annoying.

Anyway, I’ve lost another pound! So I’ve lost about 5lbs in the past few weeks. A small amount of progress but that’s fab for me, especially asI’ve been going to the gym less! I’m happy with this!

Here’s to another week! How has yours been?


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