Fitness Update // Leg days hurt

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Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: Legs with PT
Wednesday: Chest and biceps
Thursday: Circuits with PT
Friday: Back and shoulders
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Squat form and cardio

I had 2 PT sessions last week. The first was on Tuesday and we trained legs. I hit a new PT with squatting! 50kg! Although my depth was a bit crap so I’m not sure it’s something to celebrate, but it’s a start I guess. I went really heavy on the leg press too. Finished with some lunges and box pushes and I couldn’t walk for 2 days!

I had a great chest and bicep day on Wednesday. I’m starting to find it easier and easier to push myself without the help of my PT, so I could really feel the burn.

Thursday was painful! Circuits with the PT which hurt because I had doms from leg day. She made me jog to help with the pain and once I warmed up, it wasn’t as bad!

Friday I did back and shoulders. I struggled with deadlifts, to be honest. I’ve been deadlifting 55kg max but when I got to 50, my form started to fail towards the end of the set so rather than go up to 55kg with bad form, I stayed at 50 with my last set. It had been 2 weeks since I deadlifted and it’s a bit scary how I’ve lost strength so quickly!

Anyway, I’ve got one week left and then I go on holiday for 2 weeks. Got 3 PT sessions this coming week. Send help!


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