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I did it! I cycled my bike to my new flat, haha. That was one of my workouts on Monday. I cycled it from the old house to the new flat and then ran back to get my car. It wasn’t a massive distance, but yanno, it counts.

God, I’ve been so tired all week so only went to the gym on Friday. and I’m working 6 days and crazy shifts and nights.

I’m struggling with time and feeling so un-energetic. The type of work I’m doing at the moment is quite heavy, a lot of lifting etc so my back has just been knackered by the end of the day.

I wish I could say next week would be better gym wise as I feel like I’ve really fell off the wagon, but I have no idea what my shifts are going to look like.

I’m hoping I can take Tuesday orWednesdayy off work, but it looks like I’m going to be on nights. I could use that to my advantage though and go to the gym at night when it’s quiet.

I’m feeling pretty blah and cranky. I worked until 1am last night (Saturday night, it’s Sunday as I type this) and tried to stay up so I could sleep in to adjust. I ended up going to bed around 4 but waking up at 9am. Back to work at 4pm until the morning. I’m exhausted already!

I think I’m going to have to fit some hiit/short workouts in at home just to keep my strength up. I don’t want to lose muscle!

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