Fitness Update // Last few weeks



I’ve been a terrible person at updating this site. I am sorry. Well, not really. Maybe a little bit. I’ve just been so busy.

I’ve still been running though! Hurrah! I’ve hardly been going to the gym, but I’ve been getting out running.

I’ve got 2 weeks until my half marathon. The longest I’ve run is 10 miles. I know I’ve not trained as much as I did the last time I ran a half, but I’ve been finding it hard to fit the longer runs in. I would have ran on Friday, but I had an event to go to so couldn’t. I spent Friday hungover instead. I plan to do an 11 mile run next Friday and that will be it for my long runs. I did 11 miles last time as my longest run and was okay.

My fear is that my pace isn’t as fast. I’ve not been going to the gym as much to do sprints on the treadmill. But what can you do.

My aim has always been just to get around the course and finish the 13.1 miles.

Runs I have planned up until my half are:

Tuesday: 3 miles.
Friday: 11 miles.
Sunday: 4 miles
Tuesday: 3 miles
Friday: 6 miles
Sunday: half-marathon.

Pray for no rain so I can complete these.

How are you doing?



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  1. May 2, 2017 / 11:08 am

    Good luck with the half. It’s not all about time, just run your best and enjoy the experience.

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