Fitness Update // Just the one


That’s your lot guys. One workout. Doom.

I’m actually writing this post on Wednesday of last week. Because I know I’m going to be too busy to write it any other time.

Life is happening and I’m not going to stop it. So whatever.

After working loads last week, I slept from midnight until 10am on Monday morning which is rare. I usually wake up at 7 or 8 on my days off. I sat in front of my computer between 11am and 8pm and caught up on emails, wrote and scheduled 14 blog posts and scheduled some social media stuff because I have plans on all my days off for the next two weeks. ┬áThen I cleaned my flat. I had planned on working out but when I wrote my to-do list out, I knew I wouldn’t have time.

Next week will be interesting because I’m working weird hours so I’m not sure how workouts will tie in with that. I think realistically I’ll only get one in on Tuesday before work. Then I’m doing half nights/half days.

The week after should be a bit more normal.

The workout I did do though was great quality. Got 30 mins of weights in then an intense 30-minute spin session.

Expect a similar post next Monday!



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