Fitness Update // Holiday is Here!


Thursday: Water Aerobics and Snorkelling
Saturday: Gym 10 mins running, 1o mins cross trainer, 10 mins cycling, 800m rowing


PicMonkey Collage1


I’m on holiday so exercise isn’t in the front of my mind right now! Monday was a busy day of getting everything packed, Tuesday I drove down to my home town when I got up, my brothers new born twins and had to get to bed for a 4am wakeup call on Wednesday.

On Thursday we did water aerobics which was fun but painful in parts were we were having to do press-ups and dips on the side of the pool!

We also swam in the sea and snorkelled which was so much fun.

Saturday I went to the gym. It’s not amazing but it’s okay. It’s so hot here though!

I’ve been swimming most days too, but more playing about or relaxed swimming rather than the type that gets your heart rate up.

I best go now, it’s 9am here and the sun is calling!




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