Fitness Update // Hangover of Doom


Monday: Sculpt (45 mins weights) and 20 mins yoga.
Tuesday: Sweat (45 mins cardio), Ab Ripper 200 and 20 mins yoga.
Wednesday: Sculpt and 27 mins yoga.
Thursday: 30 mins cardio, Ab Ripper 200 and 30 mins yoga.
Friday: Sculpt 30 and mins yoga.
Saturday: 20 mins yoga.
Sunday: 20 mins yoga.

Fuck alcohol. Seriously. It ruins me. I used to be able to drink so much and wake up the next morning feeling fine. Well, those days have gone and my body just cannot deal with it anymore! Every time I know I’m going to be drinking, I kind of get a bit scared for the hangover.

I went out on Saturday for a work party. It’s the first time I’ve drank since New Years Eve and I was so hung over the morning after. I stayed in the hotel where the event was being held. I went to bed between 2am and 3am and woke up at 7am feeling so sick. I had my alarm set for 9:30 as I had to check out by 11am. I got up and felt a bit better, I decided to just quickly pack everything and come home.

I got back into bed when I got in around 11 and slept until 1pm. Then got up and had a total sofa day. I felt like I totally the day, I only managed to get one blog post done! I did have some pre-written so I basically need to spend all Wednesday writing the rest of the weeks posts. Wah.

As you can see from my workouts, I didn’t exercise apart from Yoga on Saturday – I had to go straight from work to the hotel so I was able to do the yoga in the hotel room, but not the cardio.

I had planned on doing the cardio on Sunday instead, but I was too hungover – I was surprised I managed to get my yoga in but it wasn’t too bad, mainly leg stretching so not too vigorous!

I’m doing GREAT with Adriene’s 30 day yoga challenge, I’ve only 5 days to go and then I would have completed it and I’ve really enjoyed the whole experience.

In regards to the P90, I’m on day 71 and I’ve only missed 4 workouts all together – 3 over Christmas and this week, so it’s not the end of the world, I am enjoying the 5-6 videos more than the previous level, they seem to go really fast.

I’m also still cutting meat out, it’s been two weeks now!

Next week I hope to get a run in and I’m also going snowboarding again on Friday. The weather has been terrible with sleet and rain. Maybe this week will be better!

How was your week?



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