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Fitness Update // Hacked site

Hi all,

Sorry I’ve missing in action a bit. This site, along with my other two were hacked and I’ve spent the past week trying to sort it. This involved restoring back to later dates which deleted posts so I didn’t see the point in updating until it was fixed.

The week before last I did well. I worked out every day apart from Monday as I had planned to have a hangover. I didn’t have a hangover but still didn’t go to the gym. I needed a rest day really as it had been almost two weeks since I had one.

This past week I’ve worked out every day but Wednesday. I had stock take at work so was in early and exhausted. I like to not plan in a rest day so I can take it when I need to – like when I’m not feeling so great.

I’ve done all 4 of my cardio blasts now, which is a workout my PT has set me to do once a week. It’s a 3 min step test, followed by a 5k on the treadmill at race pace, then 1k sprint, 800m sprint, 500m sprint, 2k on the rower and battle ropes.

For the 4th week, she changed it slightly so I don’t burn out. So it was 5k on the treadmill, 1.5k slower sprint, 1k sprint, 500m sprint then 6k on the bike. Battle ropes again which I couldn’t do as a group class had taken up the area.

I’ve managed to improve my time on the 5k though!

Week 1: 32:21

Week 2: 31:34

Week 3: 29:59

Week 4: 29:42

These workouts are a killer and I end up burning about 1000 cals each time!

I joked about it being the last one and being glad about it this week, but she said they’ll be more. So I dread seeing what the next one is. The workouts are very hard and I hate every second of it, but afterwards, I feel good and I’m happy I’ve managed to knock almost 3 mins off my 5k!

I have a 5k race coming up at the end of May and a 10k two weeks later, so I do need the practice. l went for a 5.3-mile run last Sunday which took me just over an hour. My pace is slow and I hope to improve it a bit for the run. I’d love to do it in under 1 hour 5 mins on the day!

Yesterday I did 10k in 1 hour and 5 mins, a much better pace and I would be happy with that time on pace day. I’ll try to get a bit quicker! I

Weight wise, I hit a PB of 65kg on the deadlift. It’s funny because a few weeks ago I couldn’t lift 55kg, then we put 60k on and I did 8 reps. 65kg felt like a massive difference and I did 1 and a half reps but my form wasn’t fantastic so I stopped. But woo!

I’ve not done anything more than 40kg on the squat but we’re working on form first. It’s better than it was but I struggle to get low when it’s heavier. I’ve been hating squatting lately!

My PT has been doing more chest and tricep work with me, so hopefully, my bench will improve soon! I actually can’t remember what the most I’ve done is!

That’s it really. I’ve also hit a new low weight – this means I’ve lost a total of 12.8lbs since I started with my PT in December and over a stone since the summer. Woo!

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