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Fitness Update // #FitnessRevolution days 27 – 33

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Monday: 15 mins weights
Tuesday: 30 mins yoga
Wednesday: 30 mins cardio, 30 mins yoga.
Thursday: 20 mins running, 25 mins cycling, 45 mins weights
Friday: 25 mins running, 30 mins bike, 30 mins yoga
Saturday: Saturday challenge, 45 mins yoga.
Sunday: 7 mile run

This last week wasn’t a fantastic week. I’ve been ill and have not been able to do what I had planned to do. I did manage to get something in every day. I relied on yoga a lot this week and at the beginning of the week did very easy yoga practices that focused on gentle stretching.

Let’s see how I got on with the fitness challenge.

DW Fitness Challenge Days 28 – 33

Monday: Weight training.

The idea here is that you can use every day items of weights and still train at home.

The challenge was to do 10 rips of bicep curls, shoulder curls and kick backs for 3 sets each.

Beginner: 1.5kg – bag of flower
Intermediate: 2.25kg – 4 pints of milk
Expert: 4-5kg – 10x tins of pet food.

I went home sick from work because I was ill, but I managed to do this in the early evening. It only took me 15 mins. I used 7kg weights for the curls and 3kg weights for the shoulder presses and tricep kickbacks.

Tuesday: Ingredient of the week: Avocado.

Avocado is a great food to eat. It’s full of healthy fats and I love to eat it with eggs or in a salad. I chopped it up and added it to my dinner.

I did 30 mins of light yoga this evening as I wasn’t feeling great.


Wednesday: Intervals for 30 mins.

Beginner: 2 minute walk, 2 minute jog
Intermediate: 2 minute jog, 2 minute run
Advance: 2 minute run, 2 minute sprint

I woke up and went to the gym early. I knew I wasn’t 100% better but I thought I could try to at least do something before work. As I got to the treadmill, it because clear that I wasn’t going to be able to do intervals. I ran at my normal pace but after 15 minutes I couldn’t do anymore. I went and did a really slow cycle and felt worse. The dizziness hit me and my throat started to feel worse by the second. I went home and got into bed for most of the day. I didn’t go to work.

In the evening I did some light yoga.

Thursday: 3 sets of back workouts.

Beginner: 10 lateral raises, 10 back bows, 10 donkey kicks.
Intermediate: 15 lateral raises, 15 back bows, 15 donkey kicks.
Expert: 30 lateral raises, 30 back bows, 30 donkey kicks.


I did my intervals on Thursday, but only for 20 minutes as I still wasn’t 100%! I then cycled for a bit and did some weights and the Thursday challenge. I opted for the intermediate level. I have to say that I felt a bit silly doing the back bows!


Friday: Plank 

Ahhh plank day! I hate planking! Last week was my worst time, at only 1min 07. This week I managed 2 min 13. I hated every second of it.

Before my plank, I went to the gym and ran for 25 mins and cycled for 30 mins. I felt rubbish all day but as soon as I got to the gym I felt great. I feel like the run was just what I needed. I was quite stressed out and made a playlist of really angry songs and played it while running. It helped.

I then when home, planked and practiced some yoga moves. Crow, wall walks and some back bends.



Saturday: Saturday Challenge.

Again, the challenge was to do jump squats, sit ups and star jumps and see how many you can get. The time has been upped from 1 minute to 1min 30!

Here’s how I did:

Jump Squats: 74
Sit Ups: 34
Star Jumps: 59

I really struggle with sit ups. I don’t find them hard, but time wise, I can’t see to get any faster as I’m doing them as a full sit up. I’m wondering if doing a crunch will still count!

The star jumps are hard too, my legs seem to want to refuse to make that star shape near the end!

After the challenge, I did a 20 minute yoga video and then practised wall walks and a few other things.

Sunday: Rest Day

Not a rest day for me, I did a 7 mile run as part of my marathon training. I was pretty sure that I beat my 10k time but the Garmin didn’t track it as a record! I’m happy with this time, especially considering I didn’t get to do my intervals properly or run at the start of the week! I’ve got another 7 mile run next week, going to do the same route and hopefully can beat the time.


How’s your week been?

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