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fitness update fitness blog

fitness update fitness blog

I did okay again this week. Just okay. I had a lot on but made time where I could.

On Tuesday I went for a run before work. I wasn’t in the mood at all, but got out there and ran a mile and a half then had a walk up a hill for the cool down.

On Thursday I did 30 minutes of weights and then 10 minutes on the bike. I’m so tempted to just cardio it out to lose weight but I keep reminding myself of how much my body changed the last time I started doing weights so need to get at least one good session in a week.

On Friday I downloaded Insanity and did the fitness test, which took 25 minutes. I’m going to do Insanity in order, but not daily because I still want to run and go to the gym. It’s a good way of adding a bit of variety to my workout and working at home is convenient!

Weight loss isn’t really happening despite doing well with eating. I’ll give it another week and then re-assess my situation!

How’s your week been?


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