Fitness Update // Finally On Time

Whey, I’ve managed to finally do a fitness update on time! Here’s how I did last week:

Tuesday: I did cardio and random weights. A bit of freestyling and doing whatever I felt like. I used the weight machines rather than free weights for a change.
Wednesday: I did weight circuits with the rower. 3 minutes on the rower then getting off to do sets of planks, step ups, dumbbell punches and clean and press.
Thursday: I did watt bike intervals – 5 minutes on heavy legs followed by sets of overhead presses, squats, bicep curls, lateral raises and kettlebell swings.
Friday: PT session – leg day.
Sunday: Row circuits – 5 mins on rower followed by sets of overhead press, bicep curls, lat raises and kettlebell swings.

I’ve not put the times or calorie burn on seeing as my FitBit is annoying and not calculating heart rate properly. Using a strap heart rate monitor it was showing totally different. It annoyed me too much having all fitness stuff out of sync – using a FitBit for everything but fitness. So I ordered an Apple Watch. Hopefully, I’ll have it with me by the end of the week.

You can buy a strap and sync it to the watch if you want, so that’s also an option for me.

My PT session was good. We did legs. Spent a lot of time doing squats and as I had suspected, I was doing it wrong this whole time. I wasn’t sitting back enough so now I have to work on that and work on re-learning my technique. Also did some stiff leg deadlifts and then the include leg press machine. Needless to say, my leg and bum muscles were in so much pain the next day. I guess when you do exercises and aren’t doing them properly, you don’t work the correct muscles so when do them right, it’s as if you’ve never done them before. Deadlifts and squats are really something I need to start practicing in my own time to get my technique right before we can start adding more weight

I’ve been banned from weighing myself. This frightens me. I hope I lose weight by weigh day next week. Over Christmas a stayed the same, though I lost a few pounds before that I didn’t gain it back. Winning.

I had bad DOMs on Saturday, so didn’t go to the gym as planned on Saturday morning before work. I did go on Sunday but stuck to arm exercises because my legs were still sore.

How’s your week been?


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  1. January 21, 2018 / 6:26 pm

    I got annoyed with my Garmin not calculating my heart rate right especially when in spin class so I got an Apple Watch too.

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