Fitness Update // Feeling the burn

fitness update

fitness update

It’s not often I feel the burn when exercising or lifting weights, which is something that always frustrates me. I associate having aching muscles the next day with muscles being torn and then growing back stronger.

So I’ve been pushing just a bit harder at the gym to get there. I’ve been trying to get more squats and spend more time on the bench press which seems to do the trick.

Since I’ve been cycling more, I’ve been using the spin bikes at the gym to try and build some muscle in my legs. I don’t do loads on the spin bike, but after a weight session I’ve been going for a 10-minute spin where I do 15 seconds out of the saddle on high intensity, then 45 seconds in the seat, turning the intensity down. It really gets my heart rate up and I can feel it in my legs. I need to play with some other ways, like turning it up half a turn every 30 seconds until I can’t pedal anymore.

So here are the workouts for the week:

Monday I cycled 9 miles. It was hard. CYCLING IS HARD. Burnt over 600 calories according to the watch.

Tuesday and Wednesday was a wipe out as I had stock take at work, which meant a 3am-3pm shift on Wednesday.

Thursday I went to the gym, I did around 40 minutes weights and then 10-minutes on the spin bike.

Friday I was hungover so didn’t do anything, then had a wedding to go to!

Saturday after work I did another 30 minutes weight session and then 10 minutes on the spin bike.

Sunday: 20 minutes weights and 30 minute spin session.

How was your week?

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  1. September 7, 2016 / 7:40 am

    3am-3pm should not be legal! That’s a killer shift! I’ve been cycling in the gym a lot more lately, doing a 1 min steady pace then 30seconds smash it like I’m being chased by zombies. It’s a killer but I can really feel it in my legs!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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