Fitness Update // Feeeeeeelllllling blueeeee

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I gotta make this quick. It’s 5:3pm on Sunday and I’m working at 8pm.

Yes. I’ve been on nights allll weeeek. In my head I told myself I’d make the gym work. But that was a lie. Well, it wasn’t a lie. I’ve been working horrible hours and I’ve hardly felt human. I’ve been sleeping between 8am-1pm every day and it’s not enough at all. Today, I managed to sleep until 3pm although I was awake for a good hour at one point.

I’m exhausted.

I made it to the gym once. My strength is still there and I was still lifting the same amount of weight, which is good as I don’t want to lose progress.

As I said last week, I’m doing a hell of a lot of heavy lifting at work which is probably why I’m not losing my strength. I’m about to enter my second night of a 6 day/night week and I feel all fuzzy.

Who know’s what the future holds for me in the next week but I’m feeling really bad about my body at the moment because my works have just gone to shit lately. I have Friday-Monday off but I have plans. Then I’m going to get right back on track.

Food hasn’t been too bad, but I’ve been eating more crisps than I’d like to because of the hours I’m working. When I work nights, I just lose all control. 5 shifts left…

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