Fitness Update // Circuits are Doom

Monday: Rest day
Tuesday: PT chest day
Wednesday: Leg day
Thursday: Power Lifts
Friday: Chest day
Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: Circuits and cardio

Had a great chest PT session this week! I hit a new PT for bench press, 37.5kg for 2 reps. Then I did 40k assisted. Hopefully, I can get to 40kg on my own soon! So odd how I am now doing 30kg for 8 reps and a few months ago I could only just do 25kg for 8. I love chest work at the moment, feel I’m coming on leaps and bounds with it!

Tomorrow marks the 3rd week of my new program building strength. Loving upper body at the moment but hating leg day! I have a feeling I’ll be doing leg day with my PT on Tuesday! Doom. I’ve been working on my depth and flexibility but it doesn’t seem to be coming along as much I had hoped. Must keep trying!

Here’s to another good week!


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