Fitness Update // Cardio blasts of doom

york fitness blogger

york fitness blogger

Hello again.

Went to the gym every day last week! Having today as a rest day though, so won’t be 7 days this week.

Had some really good workouts. On Monday I did treadmill circuits which is always a killer! Starting with running for 10 minutes, then some 40-second sprints with 20 mins rest, then 1-minute running and 1 minute walking. Next, I do 2 minutes running then some weights with kettlebells and the barbells. Heart is racing through most of it so lots of calories burnt!

Had leg day on Tuesday with my PT. We tried box jumps for the first time. I’ve not done them before because of having vertigo but it went okay! Still working on form with my squat before I can move up some weight but I’ve come a long way.

Did the cardio blast session again which is a killer. I knocked 50 seconds off last weeks 5k though! I’d love to get under 30 minutes but running fast is very hard for me!

Not lost any more weight, trying not to get too annoyed by it because my body is changing and I can see the difference – so I must focus on that instead!

Hows your week been?


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