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Fitness Update // Calisthenics

Monday: Powerlifting
Tuesday: Shoulders PT session
Wednesday: Heavy leg day
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Chest day
Saturday: Legs
Sunday: Core/calisthetics.

What a good week I’ve had. I’ve not had my program this week so I’ve been doing my own thing.

I trained chest on Friday – I’m getting much better at 12 reps of 30kg and 6 reps of 35kg. It was always hit and miss whether I could get them before, but now I’m getting them consistently. Just need to work on getting more than 2 reps of 40kg now!

I had a great leg day on Saturday. I actually did loads more than I usually do!

I did:

15 reps at 20kg x 2 sets
12 reps at 30kg x 2 sets
8 reps at 40kg x 2 sets

Box squats:
8 reps at 40kg x 5 sets
4 reps at 45kg x 5 sets
3 reps at 50kg x 1 set

50kg is a PB! Woo!

On Sunday I had a go at some calisthetics. I found a very basic beginners routine involving negative pull ups, chin ups, planks, dips and walkouts. I also did some core work on top of that. I’m going to try to fit this style of workout into my routine to gain some strength. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be doing handstands and things like that, but I’d love to be able to do some press ups and muscle ups!

I’m off work next week so I’ll have a bit more time to add some of this stuff to the end of my workouts 🙂

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