Fitness Update // A bit late

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Oops, Sorry guys, I didn’t have time to do my fitness update at the weekend so here is what I did last week.

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Tuesday: PT session with a focus on deadlifts and weights. 191 calories.
Wednesday: PT lone session – rower circuits 573 calories.
Thursday: PT lone session – Stairmaster, watt bike and leg exercises. 510 calories.
Friday: PT lone session. 548 calories.
Saturday: 30 mins weights and 30 mins cardio. 482 calories
Sunday: PT lone session – treadmill, watt bike and rower circuits. 517 calories.

Was a good week for the gym! Glad I managed to get in so many workouts with working lots and having Christmas coming up. Made it feel a bit better when tucking into that steak when I ate out on Christmas eve!

The PT session was good – she’s going to focus on doing weights and technique with me as she has seen me doing cardio myself so says I’m good to do that on my own. Which is great because there are weights I’ve wanted to do but was unsure how to do them properly.

We did mostly deadlifts which was harder than it looks. It really puts pressure on your forearms and I don’t think I would have done it properly on my own. We worked on technique rather than forcing loads of weight on, though 12 reps gets heavy very quickly!

I have to wait until next Friday until my next session so I’m excited to see what we will do next!

How have you been doing?


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  1. December 28, 2017 / 11:19 pm

    great work out routine. I can’t work out for another week or so because I had an operation, but I’m counting the days until I can work out again.

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