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Fitness Update // A better week

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This past week was much more successful than the week before. Winner.

I was still on nights but decided to workout at home twice. So I did two 30 min at home workouts. 6 weight exercises with 3 sets of each exercise. Then some cardio thing in between each set.

I also managed to get to the gym twice, so that’s 4 workouts when I’ve had this really busy week. So that’s good!

Things should get a bit easier from now on and I’m hoping next week I can go back to 4-5 workouts a week.

I’m really happy to report that I’ve not lost any of my strength. Yay!

How was your week?

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  • Sarah

    I’m FINALLY starting to see some changes since I really got into my fitness schedule and so far, I haven’t let my jumbled up shifts mess with my workouts. Going first thing in the morning has meant regardless of what I work, I can still get my workout in. Now that I’m actually seeing something, I’m even more excited about hitting the gym and pushing myself! Still, can’t do a push-up for sh*t though! Haha!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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