Fitness Update // Benched 40kg!

Fitness Update // Benched 40kg!

Monday: Leg lone session
Tuesday: Chest PT session
Wednesday: Power Lifts
Thursday: Cardio Blast
Friday: Chest lone session
Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: Circuits with some cardio and leg work.

Starting Monday with the intention of going doing cardio on. But my PT was there and gave me my new program, so I trained legs instead. Lucky because I forgot my headphones and it’s a ball ache doing cardio without headphones!

Was so glad I got my new program as I was really motivated. My leg session was fab! Still not going too heavy on the squats until my depth is a bit better.

I had my PT session on Tuesday and we trained chest. I thought she was nuts when she asked me to do 10 reps at 30kg. But I did it. Then I thought she was nuts when she asked me to do 6 reps at 35kg. But I did it. Then I thought she was nuts when she asked me to do 4 reps at 37.5kg. But I did it. Then she put 40kg on and I did 2 reps! Magic.

My last chest session with her 3 weeks ago I did 2 or 3 reps at 37.5kg and she had to assist me with 40kg. Very excited to see how far I can take this but I am being realistic enough to realise that I could hit a wall soon.

Rest of the week was good. I did power lifts on Wednesday. I deadlift 55kg for 6 reps for 3 sets in my new program. I don’t think I’ve deadlifted that much on my own before. It was hard and my form did suffer on the last couple of reps. I think I will be doing power lifts on my next weeks PT session so I wonder if I can get a new PB. My current is 60kg but it was so difficult! I’ve been following my program so hopefully, I can do 65 maybe?!

Weight seems to have evened out now so that’s alright. I don’t want to lose weight too fast if I’m trying to get stronger!

I’m very excited about my new program. I love having a PT because it keeps me motivated, accountable and having goals that I can achieve by someone tailoring a program just for me is awesome!  I should have done it much sooner!


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