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Fitness Update // Bench gains!

york leeds fitness blogger

Tuesday: PT Chest and Core Day
Wednesday: Leg Strength
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: Powerlifting
Saturday: Chest day
Sunday: Leg endurance
Monday: Tabata style circuits

york leeds fitness blogger

Had a great week again! I trained chest with the PT on Tuesday, I didn’t go for high weight but did a lot of high rep stuff to help.

On my chest day on Saturday I managed 15 reps at 30kg! My previous PT was 11 reps! I also did 8 reps at 35kg, another rep PB!

I also managed to squat down the step box with 25kg on my back! Going to try 27.5kg next week!

Overall, it’s been a good week and I’ve been feeling really strong. I’ve been eating well and sticking to my macros too!

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