Fitness Update // Back to work.


Monday: 45 mins cardio
Wednesday: 30 mins cardio.


Ok, I did 2 workouts this week so that’s not to bad, I’ve been really busy.

By busy I mean that I’ve been severely addicted to Pretty Little Liars. I had already told myself that on my days off, I’d be able to binge watch while blog if I worked out the day before, which I’m glad I did because I totally love this show!

I’ve done okay food wise and I’m getting very fed up of the weather! I really want to get back into the outdoor running again but the weather has been terrible. It’s not even the rain that bothers me, it’s the wind that stresses me out.

I’m quite happy to wing it for the next few weeks and maintain my current fitness, then hammer it out towards the end of Feb for my 10k in March.

This is my plan.

My main goal is to finish Pretty Little Liars and I’m not even going to pretend to be sorry…



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