Fitness Update // Back in the saddle


Monday: Sculpt 5/6 (45 mins weights) and 15 mins yoga.
Tuesday: 2.6 mile run and 200 ab ripper.
Wednesday: Sculpt 5/6.
Thursday: 60 mins snowboarding and 200 ab ripper.
Friday: Sculpt 5/6
Saturday: 25 mins yoga
Sunday: 7 mile bike ride and 200 ab ripper.

Ahhh, lots of variety this week! I like it! This would be my ideal week, apart from I only did yoga twice. I’m going to try to get it in at least 3 times as I don’t want to mess up what little flexibility I have.

P90 Update:

This is my last week with the P90! Saturday will be the 90th day and I can’t believe I’m so close. I need to put a plan together for what I’m going to do after. I really want to stick to the 3 days cardio and 3 days weight program though, and I also want to get running and cycling into my regular routine.

Speaking of running and cycling, I went out for my first run in a long time on Tuesday. After work I got my gear on and ran in the dark. It was nice, I really do like running when it’s dark. It started raining after about a mile in, I carried on and wanted to get 3 miles in but it started training too much so I stopped at 2.6 miles.

I finally got back on my bike, too. After 8 months off, I plucked up the courage to pull out Lucy, pump up the tyres and take her for spin. It actually wasn’t that bad, apart from cycling against the wind which it’s even less fun that cycling up hills. Did 7 miles and would have done more if I didn’t have so much to do!

Weight update.

For some reason I’ve lost weight this week! I knew I wanted to but I didn’t restrict loads. I lost 4lbs but then gained 2lbs, which I’m fine with because I know 4lbs in one week is too much when I’m working out and training to build muscle.

I’ve only got 3lbs to go until I’ve lost a stone, which is the ultimate dream! Then I think I’m happy with my weight and will keep trying to stay the same 🙂

I’ve also been vegetarian for 4 weeks now and I’m going to stick at it. I’m really enjoying the food I’m eating and I’ve not felt any negative effects from it so I’m going to carry on.


I did go snowboarding again on Thursday and it was hard. We both have to retake the second lesson, it was frustrating because the instructor kept helping us down the hill and stopping us half way and trying to make us change posture and he kept bending my knees saying they needed to be like that, but as soon as he took his hands away they flipped back because my knees are not meant to bend that way! The last instructor was a lot better, showing us how to do it, having his hands there in case we needed them but also letting us get the feeling for it on our own. I almost got it when I went down on my own, then he came and hinder my progress again! Agh! I know what I need to do to get down on my heel edge, but I just need to practice on my own and get my own feel for it, not be stopped constantly and told to push my quads down and bend my knees in the opposite direction!

For this week, I’d like to get a ride in, a run, snowboarding and also a gym session as I have some passes to review a gym. I’m thinking of going Thursday straight after work. My work shifts are pretty mental this week so that’s they only time I can really go!

How has your week been?



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