Fitness Update // Back from Crete!

I am back from my holiday! This is why I haven’t updated in two weeks. I was too busy doing nothing to update.

Anyway, I was in Crete for 10 days. There was a gym in the hotel and I managed to go 3 times and get a decent workout in. I would have liked to have gone more, but it was SO hot, I really struggled and started to feel ill after the workouts due to dehydration. Even though I took a 1.5-litre bottle of water and drank it all!

I did a bit of a full body workout each time I went to the gym at the hotel. There wasn’t lots of equipment, some cardio stuff and a lat pull down, shoulder press, chest press, leg extension and leg curl so I used them all just to keep my muscles working while away. As it was so hot my heart rate was always really high which was good for calorie burn!

We got back to the UK early Saturday morning. I was pretty out of it all day as I was so tired so didn’t go back to the gym until Sunday. I did an hour chest and bicep workout, followed by 20 mins cardio.

I also weighed myself and only went up a pound! Pretty good for a 10 day holiday all-inclusive! I’m happy with that.

I started a 21-day challenge with Herbalife yesterday – great timing after my holiday! Looking forward to losing a few pounds during it!


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