Fitness Update // Back from Australia

Hello, I am back!

After a 36 hour long journey, I arrived back into the UK last Thursday. Since then, I’ve been battling with jetlag.

It’s been a while since my last post. I just wanted a break while I was away. I was enjoying the sun, sand and probably a bit too much wine. But now I am back.

I did really well in the first two weeks of Australia in regards to fitness. I ran 4 times, went to the gym and went on a 7-mile hike.

Things started to heat up fast, though. On the last run I did, it was almost 30C when I got back at 10 am and it was exhausting. The rest the time I was there it was over 30C every day apart from about 2. Which is great for the beach, but not great for running. I did go to the pool twice and in the sea and made a conscious effort to swim rather than just tread water or stand about.

I managed to get to the gym Friday, Saturday, and Sunday which was awesome. I felt really good.

On Friday and Saturday, I did around 30 mins weights and then 30 mins cardio. Saturday was quiet so I managed to get on the bench press and a squat rack.

On Sunday I did some circuits for 30 mins, then 10 mins on the spin bike and 15 mins on the stair master. It was knackering, but I burnt almost 600 calories in an hour!

I have a PT session on Tuesday. I’m sad to say I’ve gained a few pounds, but thankfully not all the 7 I lost over the past couple of months.

Hows your week been?


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