Fitness Update // Another Late Update

Woah, where on earth has this past week gone?

Another late update for me. To be honest, it’s probably not even worth reporting my workouts between Christmas and New Year. I did great the week before Christmas but then was hit with a massive cold which saw me struck down with vertigo. The vertigo wasn’t too bad, but it would have gotten worse if I hadn’t listened to my body and taken rest days on Friday and Saturday.


Inspiration for myself lolol.

I went to the gym on Tuesday which was boxing day. I can’t actually remember what workout I did it was that long ago. I didn’t drink much on Christmas day as I kept getting a headache, so I was able to go to the gym in the morning before we went to my parents for boxing day.

I also went on Thursday after work. Had an intense hour cardio and weight circuits.

I can’t remember if I mentioned last time about my heart rate monitor on my Fitbit being terrible. It seems to not be picking up my heart rate. Esp on the bikes. So I’ve been using a heart rate monitor my boyfriend had and it’s working better but I hate that all my fitness isn’t synced in on app. I’m considering an Apple Watch because you can get a heart rate strap to connect to it for better accuracy¬†during workouts. Need to look into prices, though.

Anyway, it’s a new week now and I’ve been doing better so far this week, but I update you on that on my next post.

How are you all doing this year with fitness?



  1. January 7, 2018 / 2:41 pm

    I’m really excited about being able to work out again! I had to take a break because of an operation. I still need to figure out what kind of exercise I should and shouldn’t do but I’ve been walking around a lot and already I see an improve in my fitness levels.

  2. January 7, 2018 / 8:29 pm

    Now I’ve got rid of the lurgy my fitness plans are going well. Listening to your body is important. My husband has a similar vertigo problem and he can really suffer.

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