Fitness Update // Achey arms

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Another busy week. Life is hard. I can’t wait until I go back to not having one because it causes havoc with this fitness malarky.

So here’s the deal over the past week.

On Monday I went to the gym and can’t remember what I did. Weights, for sure, but I can’t remember what I did cardio wise.

Then I didn’t do anything until Friday as I was really busy. I had lots of catching up to do on Friday, so ended up doing a 30 minute at home workout with weights and running on the spot in between reps.

On Saturday, I was also busy but made sure I went to the gym after work for a quick 30-minute workout. I did bench press, squats, overhead press and a 10-minute interval run on the treadmill before rushing home to shower and getting ready to go out.

On Sunday, I woke up with aching muscles from the weight session and an aching liver from the drink session. I managed to get out on the bike and do a 5-mile cycle, though. It was HARD WORK. SO HARD.

I have on idea what the next week will bring as I have a random 3am start on Wednesday. Hopefully, workout days will be Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.

How has your week been?

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