Fitness Update // 7 days

york fitness blogger uk fitness

Monday: Leg day
Tuesday: Shoulders and back PT
Wednesday: Leg endurance
Thursday: Core and arms
Friday: Chest
Saturday: Calisthenics
Sunday: Shoulders and back

york fitness blogger uk fitness

My arms were so painful from the calisthenics training I did the week before. Ouch. I was meant to do chest on Tuesday with my PT and couldn’t do it so we had to swap to something else. I was in so much pain!

It finally calmed down enough for me to do chest day on Friday. Of course, I did more calisthenics on Saturday ha. I still wasn’t 100%, I tried to do negative pull-ups but didn’t have much strength at all to slowly come down! Disaster! Going to keep at it.

I’ve got my new program today. I’m back at work this week too so here’s what I’m hoping my week will look like:

Monday: Leg strength
Tuesday: Chest PT
Wednesday: Calisthenics
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Core/arms
Saturday: Leg endurance
Sunday: Shoulders and back

I’m also starting a competition for 12 weeks that my PT is running with her clients to win an Apple watch, so I hope that will keep me motivated. For most people, it’s fat loss but for me, I’ll be measured on strength gain. I’m excited to get started!

A few things I need to improve on:

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First day of my new program. Leg endurance day as my arms are still doom from Sunday. These are my pulse squats from a tri-set I did (followed by box jumps & lunges with a knee raise). Glad I videoed this because even though you can all see my seal chin (oauf oauf), I’m not actually going as low as I thought I was at the time so gives me something to improve on. Hopefully in 4 weeks I’ll be able to post another video going a bit lower. Also lol @ rep 9 when I hit the bar on the bar catcher. Every time I go to the gym I do some dumb shit like that 🙄 lucky for you all I caught today’s ‘Corinne looking like a knob’ bit on tape. . . . #strongwomenrule #femalefitnessmotivation #squatgirl #instafitnessgirls #liftforlife #puregym #fitnessaddicts #ukfitness #weightlossupport #liveyourbestliftnow #mondayworkout #trainlikeanangel #trainlikeagirl #fitnessaddicts #trainlikeabeast #sweatpink #instafitfam #bodyconfidence #fitfamuk #bodyweightraining #liveyourbestlife #squats #squatvideo #plusesquats #dickhead

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Pulse squats – want to get this lower!

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Trained shoulders and back today. Here are my power clean thrusters. First video 4 at 25kg and second set 6 at 22.5kg. Hope to add a few extra reps on over the next few weeks. Need to work on front squat depth and also my grip as I start to struggle to flip the bar into the front squat which stops me going for more reps. Doom. This move is a killer and always gets my heart beating! Hope to get to 30kg soon, but for now I just want to work on that form and depth in my front squat #storyofmylife. . This session took ages so might have to make it one of my weekend sessions if I don’t want to cut it short. I struggle for time during the week and generally only have about 50 minutes before work to get everything packed in! . Feeling pumped for the #applewatchcomp with my PT @fitness_chef_pt. 12 weeks starting tomorrow should keep me motivated until the summer! . . . #powercleans #thrusters #powerlifting #puregym #cleans #lift #weightlifting #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #girlswhoworkout#crossfit #crossfittransformation #hookgrips #barebellbabes #workoutvideo #myproteinwomen #sundayworkout #powersnatch #cleanandjerk

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Power clean thrusters – need to work on my depth again, as well as my grip when flipping and controlling the bar a bit more when I come out of overhead press.


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