Fitness Update // 5k for Evan

I pretty much managed all the workouts I had planned to do, so that’s good!

Monday: Back and shoulders PT lone session.
Tuesday: 10k Run
Wednesday: Leg day
Thursday: Chest and Triceps
Friday: Leg day
Saturday Rest
Sunday: 5k Race

My second leg day wasn’t great though. I was a bit hungover so didn’t do as much as I had wanted.

The main event of the week was the 5k I ran on Sunday with my cousin who died last year. It was a hot one so I didn’t do it as quick as I had hoped, but never mind! I’ve got my 10k in two weeks!

Weight wise I’ve pretty much stayed the same. There’s about 2lbs that I am swaying back and forth between and have been doing for the past couple weeks. I’m okay with that though as I’m pretty happy at my current weight. I want to lower body fat and gain muscle, I’m not so fussed with the number on the scale!

How was your week?


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