Fitness Update // 42.5kg bench!

Fitness Update // 42.5kg bench!

Oops, I forgot to update last week! I’ve been feeling a bit distracted from fitness lately if I’m totally honest. I am looking for a new job, you see, it’s taking a lot of mental energy away from focusing on fitness.

I’ve still been going to the gym but I’ve not been feeling it. I’ve not been giving my all. I’ve just been going to stay in the routine.

Fitness Update // 42.5kg bench!

Monday: Powerlifts
Tuesday: Chest PT session
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Leg day
Friday: Powerlifts
Saturday: Chest
Sunday: Off

My chest session was really good! I hit a new PB of 42.5kg on the bench! It was just one rep and it was slow. I managed to do it again on my own and it was much better. I could have done two, I think. I’m still stuck at 3 reps at 40kg though. I’d love to be able to bench 40kg for 8!

I’ve started a new program this week. It seems to be focused more on higher reps and lower weight. I understand the reason why I need to do this to continue gaining strength but I prefer to go heavy for less reps! I’ve started doing incline barbell chest press, too. It feels so weird. I’ve done lots of chest/bench press and lots of incline with the dumbells, but with the bar it just feels totally different!

As you can see from what I’ve done this week, I’m putting off cardio and circuits. Oops. I’m going to London Monday to Thursday so I feel like my whole routine is disjointed anyway!

Next week I’ll probably do chest, legs and powerlifts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Oh well! Life does sometimes get in the way.

Hope to be more focused when I return!


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