Fitness Update // 35 miles!

Monday: 4-mile run.
Tuesday: PT back and shoulders day and 2.5-mile run.
Wednesday: PT lone session full body circuit.
Thursday: Chest and triceps PT lone session.
Friday: PT leg day.
Saturday: REST DAY
Sunday: 35 miles cycle.

Feel like a had a great mixture of workouts this week. If it wasn’t so hot and I wasn’t so hungover on Monday I may have to the 10k I had planned then it would have been a perfect week!

I struggled with running, on Monday I was slow and ran out of water. Tuesday, it was hot again and after my PT session, I was knackered!

I had 2 PT sessions last week because she is on holiday this week, so I’ll be going it alone. I’d like to do the leg day session she has set me plus another leg day, then the back and shoulders session she sent me plus a chest and triceps day.

Plan is:

Monday: Chest and triceps (or back and shoulders if I can get a rack)
Tuesday: 10k run
Wednesday: A leg day
Thursday: Back and shoulders (or chest and triceps depending on Monday..)
Friday: A leg day
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 5k race.

The only thing stopping me is the equipment! It’s such a pain getting the equipment I need at the gym.

On Sunday I went for a ride with my boyfriend, 35 miles this week. It was much harder than the week before because we went on a hilly route.

Next Sunday I’m doing a 5k race in memory of my 15-year-old cousin who died at the end of last year. There’s about 60 of us doing it and it should be great fun! We hope to raise lots of money for the school he went to, it’s for special needs kids as my cousin had autism.

How was your week?


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