Fitness Update // Tried a step class!


Monday: 30 mins cardio and an hour weights. 562 calories.
Wednesday: 30 mins cardio, 30 mins weights
Saturday: 30 mins step class, 10 mins cycling and 40 mins weights. 578 calories.
Sunday: 25 mins cardio and 20 mins weights.


Last week has been a mixture of victories and failures! I got to the gym 4 times and did some great workouts. I even did a step class on Saturday which was so much fun and something I’ll be doing again!

The things that didn’t go so well were that my work scheduled changed last minute twice, meaning I couldn’t go to either of the spin sessions I had planned! On Wednesday this meant I was really tired as didn’t have long enough between my shifts to get enough sleep, so my workout was pretty poor because I started to feel a bit sick. Also, on Thursday night, I was at a blog event where I was fed a lot of free alcohol. This resulted in a free hangover on Friday, one of the worst hangovers I’ve had in years! So I didn’t work work out as I was too busy trying not to die.

On Sunday, my workout was also not fantastic. I had booked a circuit class but I had bad DOMS from the step class the previous evening. My calves were in so much pain. I decided to go to the gym and see how I felt, but I was hobbling about so knew I wouldn’t be able to complete a class. Instead I did some very light cardio but after 20 mins or so my legs were hurting too much on the cross trainer and I started to feel ill again. I went to do some arm weights instead but I kept feeling hot and sick. Not sure if it’s too do with pushing myself too hard with the leg pain, or if I was just having an off day.

I decided to call it a day after 45 minutes of light exercise. At least I did something, right?

I still haven’t lost any weight which is starting to bother me. I’ve decided to come off the pill.

When I talk about gaining weight at the end of last year, there were three things that could have caused it, or did cause it by adding up.

  • My gym closing down and not having one for around 2 months.
  • Not being able to workout due to vertigo in December.
  • Starting the pill in October.

I decided to read up on my pill and I read a lot of women had gained weight and had not been able to lose it until they stopped talking it. So I decided not to bother anymore. I’m not in a relationship anyway so there’s no point in messing with my body by taking pills I don’t need. Though I do worry my bad skin will return!

I’m hoping to see a difference in the scale this week, please.

Also, after Friday’s hangover of doom, I’m taking a break from alcohol. I’m in the habit of having a drink if I’m not working the next day, but now this will stop unless I have a social event.

I have no plans this week because nobody likes me lolzzzzz. So no drinks it is.

I’ve booked in loads of classes at the back end of the week and hope to get into some last minute spin classes if people drop out.

Wish me luck on my mission.

How was your week?



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  1. April 18, 2016 / 7:57 am

    You need to concentrate on the achievements! You have so much determination, I wish you could bottle some up and send me it! When I get DOMS I can’t even think about going to the gym, hell if I don’t feel 100% then it’s no gym for me, I have this fear I’ll go and end up collapsing on the treadmill and that I’ll smash my teeth in when I fall – overactive imagination much!

    You could always swap your pill instead of coming off it completely?

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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