Fitness Update // 2lbs down!

fitness update

Tuesday: 40 mins cardio, 20 mins weights. 1hour 02, 421 cals
Wednesday: 20 mins cardio, spin class, weights. 1hour 14, 600 cals
Thursday: 25 mins cardio, 15 mins spin and weights, 1hour 24, 566
Friday: Step class, pump class, 1hour 40, 766 cals
Saturday: Step class, 25 mins cardio, 1hr 04, 627 cals
Sunday: 40 mins cardio, weights 1hr 18, 591 cals

fitness update

Another great week! I went to the gym 6 times! WOAH.

I would have gone on Monday, but my legs were killing from the step class on Saturday. So I decided to take Monday off but go before work on Tuesday – I don’t usually go before work but it was a decent workout and I think I’ll be going more often before work when I start at 1pm. Now I only live 15 mins away from work, I have more time so could finish a workout at 11:30 and have time to get home, shower and still be on time!

I went to Sports Direct and bought some more gym gear. I know that’s a bit naughty, but I’m glad I did as it makes me feel much slimmer than what I was wearing before. I know that sounds stupid, but that keeps me motivated. When I look in the mirror and my legs don’t look massive, I feel happier and more confident to push harder, so that’s good.

I was a bit of a dick on Thursday. I was up early for work, started at 7am. Then I finished at 4pm, went straight to the gym, worked out for about an hour and 15 mins and tried to do a spin class. I felt all faint and sick and really struggled. I decided to leave half way through rather than struggle on not really pushing. I felt a bit of dick but it’s better than feeling faint and not being able to spin fast or up the resistance with the rest of the class! I think it was a combination of being tired and not eating enough to fuel such a long session.

I didn’t make the same mistake the next day when I did two classes back to back! I ate a massive meal about 2 hours before. And when I left work on Sunday to go straight to the gym. I grabbed a Trek bar before to put me on. Even though it was only 12pm, I had been up since 6am and only had a yogurt and fruit.

Lesson learnt – FUEL YOURSELF WELL.

Speaking of food, I’ve been eating between 1200-1500 calories a day. I’m trying to keep an eye on my macros more than calories, though. If I have a good workout, I don’t mind going over. I think I was eating too much fat before and I’ve been eating WAY too much fibre.

I’m down 2lbs this week, too! I’ve consistently been 2lbs down over the last 3 days, so it’s not just a fluctuation like in the past. I think the combo of less fat, coming off the pill and no alcohol is helping.

I’d love to lose 2lbs this week and the week after and then I’d be happy to lose just 1lbs a week for 4 weeks then I’ll be at my goal weight.

Taking it really slow because I have a terrible habit of crash dieting and then eating loads and gaining it back. I’m feel strong in the gym and confident with food that I can stick to this.

How has your week been?




  1. April 25, 2016 / 4:24 pm

    Congrats on the weightless and buying new, slimmer workout gear!
    I need to get more serious about my fitness and start going to the gym again. I used to go about 4 times a week, but since I’ve stopped going it feel almost impossible to start up my routine again!

  2. April 26, 2016 / 2:11 am

    Ugh I really need to get to the gym. I keep getting in the habit of going a few times a week and then stop going. It’s so hard to find the energy and time while working!

  3. May 7, 2016 / 8:42 pm

    Ooh, you’ve had a great week! I really do need to get back into my exercise, just hard when the gym is a 30 minute bus ride in the opposite direction to where you live and your work is 30 minutes the other way! Need to do it at home haha!

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