Fitness Update // 12 days in a row of gym


Monday: Spin class, 10 mins incline walking and weights. 1hr 06, 500 calories.
Tuesday: Step class, 20 mins cardio, leg day. 1hr 15, 685 calories.
Wednesday: Spin class, incline walking and weights. 1hr 25, 501 calories
Thursday: Cardio and HIIT weight circuits. 1hr 30, 651 calories
Friday: 40 mis cardio and leg day. 1 hr 23, 519 calories
Saturday: Step class and shoulder and back work 1hr 11, 574 calories
Sunday: 30 mins cardio and some circuit HIIT work with weights 1hr 18, 526 calories

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Yes, you saw that right. I went to the gym EVERY DAY . WHAAATTT!

My new job is to thank for this. I’m basically spending the time I would usually be travelling to my old job at the gym, so I don’t feel like I have less time than usual. Nice transition, Corinne.

I’ve been every day for the past 12 days and I plan on going daily still until at least next Sunday, as I’m going out on Saturday and I’m not sure if I’ll be hungover or not, ha.

I’m feeling really strong and I don’t want to stop, though there are some days that my legs ached a bit. I should have a rest day soon, but I just don’t want to!

I have a frustration though. I’ve not lost any weight this week. So I’m going to lower my calories. I’ve tried everything over the past few weeks – changing my macros, upping my calories, adding more protein, stopping my pill – but nothing seems to be working. I’ve made an effort to eat less fat in the past week and it’s not made any difference.

So I think some of the calories are going to have to go. I’m reducing my intake by 200 a day.

If I’ve not lost any weight next week, I’ll be getting a food scale to see if I can track things more accurately. Although I get my intake pretty spot on, things like cranberries and goji berries thrown on my smoothie aren’t as easy to calculate!

I’m trying not to get too disheartened about it though because I do see a difference in my body. Not a massive difference, but enough to not make me give up.

I think from the start of this new found motivation, I was very realistic that this would take a long time and that I wouldn’t build muscle in a month, so I am in this for the long haul. I was just hoping I’d be a few more lbs down by now.

So that’s what we’re aiming for this week. 1lbs has to go!

How has your week been?

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  1. May 2, 2016 / 5:05 pm

    Great job! You’re a cardio queen!

    I’ve never had to watch my weight in terms of trying to knock weight off. I’ve always had to try to gain weight (different battle, same struggle). But something I learned is that switching up with different kinds of workouts REALLY effects the type of weight you gain or lose. Maybe throwing in something with a slow, gentle burn will also help?

    I hope that helps! Cheering for your physical journey!


  2. May 6, 2016 / 4:46 pm

    Did you find it hard at first going every day until you ‘re body and muscles got used to it? x

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