Fitness Update // 11 miles

fitness update

Monday: Gym – 15 mins treadmill, 15 mins bike, 15 mins weights
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 30 mins yoga
Thursday: Gym – 15 mins treadmill, 15 mines bike, 30 mins weights
Friday: 11 miles running
Saturday: Gym
Sunday: Rest (at a wedding all day)

Well I survived the week. I took a rest day on Tuesday as I got home at 5:30pm, then had to be up at 1am to get ready for a crazy 3am start! I didn’t sleep very well so I kind of wish I had done some yoga or something, but hey ho. I also had a rest day on Saturday as I had a wedding that started at 10am and lasted all day. Sad.

I ran 11 miles on Friday. I ran most of it on the route of the half marathon. There are some hills in there, but thankfully not too many. There’s also plenty of downhill sections to make up for it, so it shouldn’t be too bad on the day.

I’m going to do 12 miles on Thursday, part of that being hilly. Then that will be the last of my long runs before the half. I was going to get a 13 miler in before the half, but that doesn’t seem likely now and I don’t want to do too much the week before the race.

I was thinking of a 6 miler the week before, maybe! I’m not too sure to be honest. This is my first half so I’m just trying to go with what feels right!

How has your week been?



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  1. April 27, 2015 / 9:25 pm

    I admit, I took a week off last week and did no more than a few Yoga videos. I did got for a LONG walk on Sunday, about 4 miles down the docks, it was so beautiful!

    My plan was to get back on track today but my class was cancelled last minute so I went for another walk and made a point of having my step counter surpass 10,000! Something is better than nothing, it’s back to the gym for me tomorrow!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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