Fitness Update // 10k done

race for life 10k

race for life 10k

Monday: leg day
Tuesday: leg day with PT
Wednesday: chest and bicep PT lone session
Thursday: circuit lone session
Friday: 30-mile cycle
Saturday: rest day
Sunday: 10k run

Started off the week all about legs. I did a leg session on Monday on my own as I didn’t know what I was training with my PT. I pushed really hard which is good but also bad because when I got to my PT session on Tuesday and she said we were training legs, my muscles did a little cry.

I got through it but it was hard. I did lots of pulsing squats which is my least favorite exercise!

On Wednesday I did my PT lone session of chest and biceps. Managed to do 2 sets of 10 reps of 25kg on the chest press. That’s great considering I could only do 6 reps a few weeks ago!

Back end of the week was more cardio based. Went on a 30-mile bike ride with my boyfriend on Friday. Started off well and I was pushing hard, but after an hour and 15 mins I started to get tired so the last 45 mins were a bit harder! That’s the thing with pushing yourself, you run the risk of hitting a bit of a wall! I did it 4 minutes faster than the last time we cycled that route though!

On Sunday it was my Race for Life 10k. OUCH. There were so many hills. It’s quite frustrating as I couldn’t find any information on the course before. It said there were a few hills but nothing too bad. Wrong. The hills were awful. It slowed me right down! I have been running 10ks in 1 hour and 4 mins, this one took me 1 hour 11 mins. It was painful and slow and I’m glad that’s over!

I’ve also lost a couple pounds this week. I’ve gotten back into tracking my food and trying to be honest and accurate about it. It seems to be doing the trick!


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