#Fitmas Week 5 // It’s Done!


Can you believe it? #fitmas is now officially over. Those of you that have been following along now should be feeling proud of yourself! Fitness is important all year around, not just in the New Year so hopefully you now have the motivation to carry on your journey if you weren’t big on exercise before this challenge.

Remember, we exercise to keep ourselves healthy, so we can move our bodies, run and jump around, enjoy our lives.. but also so we can have that extra glass of wine and quality street without feeling like after Christmas, we’re going to have to spend hours in the gym to work it off.


This is how my week went:

Monday: 45 mins cardio and abs in the form of 5 mins running, 20 minutes on the cross trainer, 20 mins on the bike and abs.

Wednesday: 15 minutes on the cross trainer, 15 minutes on the bike and the arm workout.

Thursday: 5 minutes running, 13 minutes on the cross trainer, 12 minutes on the bike.

Saturday: Leg day.

Thursday I went a bit funny at the gym, so had to stop. I’m still struggling with the vertigo which wiped me out totally on week three. Running seems to set it off, amongst other tasks, so I’ve not been able to work on my running goal which has been frustrated. But I’m glad I’ve still been carrying on with exercise despite this!

How are you feeling now the challenge is over?




  1. December 22, 2015 / 12:33 pm

    WOOHOOO it’s done! I’ll be posting my final week and thoughts later today (and adding it to your linky of course). Overall, I’m pretty pleased that I got to Week 5 and what would have been a terrible month for exercise was…slightly less terrible.


  2. December 23, 2015 / 11:35 am

    We did it! The three Fitmasteers made it hahaha. I really enjoyed it actually, it’s definitely helped to get me back into the swing of fitness! Thank you so much again for creating it, I hope you’ve enjoyed it too! 🙂 x

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