Fitness Update // 10k Run

Fitness Update

Monday: 10 mins stair climber, 45 mins spin class, 50 mins weights. 1hr 52 864 calories
Tuesday: 30 mins step class, 25 mins cycling, weights (leg day) 1hr 57 762 calories
Wednesday: Rest day.
Thursday: 25 mins cardio and weights 1hr 25 543 calories
Friday: 10 mins stair climber, 45 mins weights, 30 mins cardio. 1hr 31 519 calories
Saturday: 10 mins stair climber, 20 mins treadmill, weights (forgot heart rate monitor)
Sunday: Ran 10k.

Fitness Update


This┬áhas been a bit hard, I’ve been struggling with vertigo and it’s made me feel really dizzy during sessions. I found my Tuesday step class really hard. I wasn’t out of breath or aching, but felt disoriented and dizzy.

I also didn’t sleep very well on Tuesday night, so was exhausted on Wednesday and in a lot of pain as I added 5kg to my barbell squats. I think the tiredness makes the vertigo worse, so I decided to take a rest day on Wednesday to recover.

On Friday, I did plan on going to a step class after my workout but I didn’t want to push myself and get really ill as last time had vertigo bad, I was off work and couldn’t workout for a few weeks.

Saturdays workout wasn’t intense – I didn’t have my heart weight monitor which put me off majorly ha. But I decided to try some new things in the gym. I finally used the assisted pull up machine! I was always scared of it, thinking I would mess it up and look a dick because it can be quite complicated, but I did it no problem!

I also went into the manly men area and did some chest presses on the actually chest press benches! Although I must have looked a bit silly having the diddy weights on – the bars already weigh 20KG so I put two small ones on to make it 22.5 kg, ha. Might try for 25kg next time, but I don’t want to struggle getting it back up!

I’m also trying to not give a fuck about what people think. So there’s that, too.

How was your week?

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  1. May 30, 2016 / 8:56 pm

    NEVER give a fuck about what people think and FUCK it being the manly man area. I used to be terrified of going onto the weight floor and now I’m like fuck it! Nobody is looking or judging, nobody is counting how much weight you have on your bar, don’t forget, even all those manly men had to start somewhere and I doubt it wasn’t too long ago they started with the 2.5kg weights and worked their way up!

    Sarah ­čÖé
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. May 30, 2016 / 9:27 pm

    Best to ignore what everyone thinks and do you. Have a lovely week and good luck with the fitness.

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