Exercise at home in 2015

MyVoucherCodes conducted a survey recently to find out what people were doing to be healthier in 2015. They asked 1000 people what they were doing to make their lifestyle healthier and found that the most popular answer was to start exercising.

Out of the 41% that said exercise was their main lifestyle change, 80% said they were not joining a gym.

exercise at home

I exercise at home most of the time, I do like to get outside for a run and the odd cycle, but I’m not a member of the gym.

For me, it’s more about time and convenience than it is money. For the time it takes me to get ready to go to the gym, drive there, put my things in a locker, do my workout and then come home, I could have done my workout twice at home.

More people need to realise that you can exercise at home and get a great workout – there are some workouts that you don’t even need any equipment or even to buy DVDs. There are a vast about of workouts on YouTube you can workout with, or simply if you know how to move your body – you can make your own workouts.

Here are some of the things you can do..


exercise at home

I really like doing intervals at home, there are so many different things you can do, from jumping jacks, running on the sport to punching and lunging.

A great interval to go by is 45 seconds exercising, then 15 minutes cool down period where you walk or run on the spot – then get back to it again.

All you need to do is search cardio workouts or HIIT workouts on YouTube or Google for more ideas!

Strength and toning.

exercise at home

I do a 45 minute strength workout 3 times a week in my room. Plus yoga can be tiring on those arms and legs! I could barely do a push up on my own when I first started and always had to be on my knees, now I can do about 12 standard or wide pushups. I’ve really built up my strength in a noticeable way – all from home.

You can use you own body weight for many exercises or buy weights.

When using weights, you want to be able to do about 10-12 reps. By about the 8th rep, it should start to feel difficult. If you can do more than 15 reps easily, you need a higher weight or you won’t build muscle!

Struggling to do 8 reps? Pick a lower weight.

Burn calories with daily tasks

exercise at home

There are things we do around the house that can help us burn calories – so be productive while losing some weight!

Use things you already own.

exercise at home

There are things around the house you can use as weights if you don’t have some. I really like the idea of using water bottles as they’re the right shape and not awkward to hold. Anything heavy will work!

Do you work out at home? What exercises do you like doing?


exercise at home


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