Easy chicken for busy fitness fanatics

uk food prep high protein

Since I started watching American fitness YouTubers last year, I was always jealous of all their high protein food they got sent to their door. I did have a look for a company that provided something similar in the UK but couldn’t find anything.

It’s hard to be healthy when you are struggling for time – I find that I’m so busy, I just go for the easy option of cheese on toast rather than making something low fat and high protein.

Enter Gold Standard Nutrition, a company that contacted me and offered to send me some frozen cooked chicken and sauces.

The chicken has 30g of protein per breast which is great for those wanting to eat more protein, or just eat well. They’re also simple – you can defrost them and eat cold, or put in the oven for 20 minutes to warm up.

They’re great for meal prep for work, I’ve been making salads and getting a piece of chicken out on an evening to defrost and then I’m good to go in the morning to take it work.

You can find out more, or buy for yourself here.

uk food prep high protein uk food prep high protein

uk food prep high protein

uk food prep high protein

uk food prep high protein



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