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As most of you know, I’ve been taking part in a fitness challenge by DW Fitness Clubs. At the half way point, the sent out a hamper to help us in our fitness goals.

The box contains lots of fantastic products and I couldn’t believe how much the sent us! Here’s what was in it.



Bounce Energy Balls.

These are great snacks for an energy boost and have high quality protein. The balls are packed with complex carbs, nuts, seeds and brown rice and are great for eating after workouts.

I put these in my bag so I can have them on the go. I don’t always get time to eat at work so if I’m heading to the gym after, I’ll eat this on the way there to give me some energy.

I’ve tried the mint one only so far and it was lovely. I’d say if you like dark, bitter chocolate you’ll like it as it does have that really dark chocolate taste and texture to it.

Find out more from Bounce Foods.



Adigym Endurance Exercise Formula. 

This is an interesting concept – it’s a muscle food that’s fed to your muscles via the skin and helps to build muscle fibre faster to improve muscle, tone and firmness. Can’t wait to get into using this after my weight sessions!

Find out more from Adigym.


Nelsons Arnicare

This is a cooling gel you apply to your muscles after an intensive workout to help revive them. It sounds interesting and I’m wondering if it can actually work and prevent some of the pain I feel after my long runs!

Find out more here.


Biocare Refresh Intensive and Perform Intenseive

These are perfect pre and post-workout supplements you can mix with water. I’m interested to see if they taste nice, might try them on my next long run and see how I feel!


Puressentiel Muscle and Joints Roller

This roller doesn’t just help muscles, but helps joints too. It can be used before and after exercise to help sooth sore sports. It can treat a stiff neck, backache, muscle spasms and general aches.

You can pick it up from Boots and it costs £14.



These supplements have a bold claim – they are 40 times more effective at preventing illness than their nearest competitor. If that’s not fighting talk, I don’t know what is.

It’s a great way to stimulate the body’s immune system to protect against illness.

You can pick some up from Vital Life.


Bio Synergy WheyBetter.

This is a ready to drink protein shake that has a massive 25g of protein and has only 122 calories. I have no idea how! It’s really nice too, just takes like strawberry milkshake!


UFIT Protein Shake

This shake has slightly more calories in the previous one, at 170 and not as much protein. I’ve not had a try of this one yet!


Active Gold Collagen. 

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen these somewhere before. It’s a supplement that fights the signs of ageing and cares for your muscles and joints.

It tastes HORRIBLE though. I can barely drink it so if I had to drink a bottle of this every day, I’d be so sad.

After I drank it I looked at the bottle to double check I was supposed to drink it because it just tasted so.. wrong.


Bio Synergy Billtong.

This is a lean meat that’s high in protein. Great for a snack. But I don’t eat the aminals so I’m having to pass this over to a housemate.


The Science Of Fitness: Power, Performance and Endurance. 

This book looks at how your body works through biological processes. It’s quite technical, I’ve been reading it and some parts are hard to take in because I’ve not done biology since I was in school!

It’s a very interesting book but it does remind me of more of a study/university text book than a book that’s an easy read.

I’m hoping it’s going to give me some tips about how to increase my endurance when I get a bit further in!


New You Boot Camp

I must say that this book doesn’t really catch my attention. I’m always weary of books that claim to help you drop a dress size in two weeks, or get certain results in a certain amount of time. Not everyone is the same so just because something works for someone, doesn’t mean it will work for you.

I honestly just get fed up of all the promises. It’s the time of year now where magazines and blogs will start publishing articles to each you how to get a flat belly for your holiday in a week, how to lose 10lbs in 10 days and how to fit into your size 8 skinny jeans.

I wish we could focus on being healthy and fit rather than the way we look.

But heh, that’s just me.

I might have a flick through the book though and see if there’s any workouts that I can take away from it!

So, that’s the box in question. Lots of great products to get trying out!

What would you like to try the most?


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