Don’t let your allergies get in the way of working out outside!

allergy awareness week

It’s allergy awareness week very soon. Between April 25th and 1st May, to be exact.

Suffering from allergies and hay fever can really put a stop to your workouts if you’re not managing them properly. I get very mild hay fever, it doesn’t bother me most of the time and it never actually started until my early 20’s. I noticed it when the grass would get cut on the grounds of my university living halls. Since then, I only seem to get it on very high pollen days, it doesn’t bother me too much but I’ve seen plenty of people who get terrible allergies and hay fever.

I wanted to put together a few tips to help reduce the symptoms – particularly hay fever. It’s not often we get nice weather here in the UK, so we really should make the most of it and get active in the sunshine. Running, hikes, bike riding, even messing around with your friends in the local park playing some sports. Everyone should be able to enjoy days like that!

allergy awareness week

Monitor pollen forecasts daily

If you’ve struggled with allergies all your life, you probably know how much is too much for you to handle. On high pollen count downs, you might want to consider staying indoors if you know it’s going to bother you.

Have a trip to the coast!

Did you know that the sea breeze blows pollen inwards? Well that sounds like a great excuse to get yourself to the coast and do some exercise on the beach or coastal areas.


Wear wrap around sunglasses to help protect your eyes from pollen.

Use a nasal barrier balm.

These can put a barrier between pollen and your nose to prevent a reaction.


Take natural supplements that can help, such as Bio-Pycnogenol from Pharma Nord to help your body cope with high pollen days. These tablets not only help with hay fever, but other things such as  supporting heart and circulation, skin care, joint health, plus glucose control and menstrual discomfort.

Clean yourself.

Shower, wash your hair and change your clothes when you get back to stop the pollen irritating your further.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get active outside today!


*This post is in association with Pharma Nord. All views are my own. 

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  • Sarah

    I’m so thankful that I don’t suffer from hay fever, I’ve known people in the past who suffered with it something shocking – though they didn’t exactly try to manage it, so that left us spending too many summers indoors – with the windows closed! For those who do suffer, use the tips and make the most of summer, don’t let it go to waste!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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