Delicious Deconstructed Smoothies with Graze

Delicious Deconstructed Smoothies with Graze

I love smoothies and smoothie bowls as much as the next person, the issue I have with them is you end up having loads of sugar and calories. Then add nuts and dried fruit to it – you can easily be consuming 700 calories in what you think is a healthy snack or breakfast. I mean, it is healthy, but most people aren’t aware of how much they’re having so if you eat your normal meals plus add a daily smoothie, things can get out of control.

I don’t have smoothies much at all these days and do limit my fruit intake because of the high sugar. So when I was sent some Grazes new collections, I put up a poll on Instagram asking if I should do a smoothie bowl or porridge bowl with them. But I think in my head I already knew the answer.

Using the pre-portioned porridge I get from Tesco having only 150 calories, I knew this was the one.

I was sent a box of the following three:

  • Strawberry Boost with Flax
  • Tropical Power with Spirulina
  • Apple & Carrot Defence with Chia

As you can see, they’re all the ingredients you would have in a smoothie making it perfect for a healthy on the go snack or a topper.

Having 150 – 182 calories per punnet, adding to porridge makes a filling breakfast when you’re about to start a busy day or a great pre-workout meal.

My boyfriend also likes them as snacks on their own, it’s better than reaching for a packet of crisps, I guess!


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