Degustabox September 2017

Degustabox September 2017

A couple weeks ago, the September Degustabox landed on my doorstep. Well, not exactly my doorstep. The delivery guy left it by the garden gate. We weren’t home until 10:30 pm so I spent the whole day hoping it wouldn’t rain.

Don’t know where DPD get the idea of a ‘safe place from’ but by a gate is not safe. In my opinion. Anyway, here is the box.

Degustabox September 2017

Ramen Noodle Kit.

I don’t have any info on this product because it’s what you get in the non-alcohol box. They send both versions to me for review but the leaflet I had was for the alcohol box.

Anyway, this kit looks fab. I’ve never made ramen noodles before but it’s something I’m going to try for sure.

Degustabox September 2017

Green & Black’s Velvet Edition.

This didn’t last long in my house. It was a lovely rich dark chocolate.  It’s made using the delicate character and soft texture of the finest Ghanaian cocoa and is balanced with sweet Madagascan Vanilla. Pro tip – don’t put this in the fridge. It’s already quite hard with it being a dark chocolate and the fridge ruins the taste a bit.


Degustabox September 2017

Mentos Mint Mix Sharing Pack

I love Mentos! Up until the last few years ago, they were something we only got on holiday. But they’ve been appearing more and more in the UK. I 100% prefer spearmint over mint so I basically picked them out first. Rather than a traditional tube, this is a resealable sharing bag.


Degustabox September 2017

Latin American Kitchen by Santa Maria.

This is a quick and simple way to try out some fantastic Latin meals. There are a few flavors to pick from but sadly I was sent a pineapple and chili sauce. Pineapple in warm food is my worst nightmare so I won’t be using this.

£1.85 each

Degustabox September 2017

Knorr Concentrated Stock

This new concentrated stock by Knorr is made with real beef extract and is gluten-free. It’s free from artificial preservatives and is free of MSG. Try adding a few drops to your BOlognese sauce for a rich and meaty flavour!


Degustabox September 2017

San Miguel Gluten Free

It’s nuts how many things are now gluten-free. This gluten-free beer is available in most supermarkets in their free from section. It has a slightly fruity aroma with gentle hints of hops and yeast.


Degustabox September 2017

Dream Rice Quinoa

This is one of the two new fantastic flavors from Dream. It has added calcium and vitamins. These plant-based drinks are great tasting alternatives to milk and have no added sugar.


Degustabox September 2017

Green’s Egg Custard Mix

Egg custard tarts are such a classic English treat. I remember getting them from Cooplands when I was younger. All you need is a pasty base and nutmeg.


Degustabox September 2017

Virtue Energy Water

These contain no sugar or calories and the same caffeine as a cup of coffee. These sparkling drinks have natural fruit flavours and for every can sold, they donate half a litre of clean drinking water.


Degustabox September 2017

Cheerio’s Oat Crisp

We all know Cheerios are great for you and good for lowering cholesterol. These crunchy oat flakes mixed with Cheerio’s are full of fibre and low in saturated fat. A great way to start the day.


Degustabox September 2017

Wild Planet Albacore Wild Tuna Steaks

I know this is kind of gross, but I love tuna with tomato sauce for a snack. It’s high in protein and low in fat. I’ve never heard of this brand of tuna before but apparently, it’s ranked number 1 for sustainability by Greenpeace.


You can get a whopping £7.00 discount, which means the first box will cost £5.99 with the code FAZHX at Degustabox.


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