Degustabox June // The BBQ Box

degustabox june bbq box

I just want to open this post by saying Degustabox is now offering a £7.00 discount off their box, so if you’ve been seeing these babies around and want to try them for yourself, now is the time! This is the most discount they’ve ever given and makes the box only £5.99!

Discount Code: BLDEG15

This box was filled with lots of yummy treats that are perfect for a BBQ. Let’s take a look:

Butterkist – Yoghurt Popcorn

This was a multipack of 6, each bag has 95 calories and it’s totally going in my packed lunch at work!

Haywards – Medium & Tangy Onions

I’ve started taking salads to work over the past few weeks and I can’t wait to start adding these, I actually forgot how much I love pickled onions. They’re low in calorie for the amount of volume and packed with taste. 19 calories per 100g! A great way to bulk up a salad.

Branston – Spicy Tomato Relish

A BBQ wouldn’t be complete without relish. So get this on your (veggie/vegan) burger!

Zeo –Cloudy Lemonade

Hello, cloudy lemonade! This low calorie, light refreshing drink will be joining me and gin on Thursday night, when I celebrate my 10 days off work! Can’t come sooner!

Schwartz – Burger Mix

Add this to your mince to make your own burgers. It’s suitable for veggies (before the mince, of course), so I may give this a go with some Quorn mince. I can’t say I’m confident in my skills to shape a burger, though!

Amoy – Rich & Cream Coconut Milk

Perfect for adding to Asian and Thai dishes if you’re brave enough to try make some from scratch!

Sacla – Pesto Pots

I LOVE PESTO. But this handy 4 pot pack is not suitable for vegetarians 🙁

Bakedin– Mug Brownie Mix

This is exciting. Each tub ,ales a mug of brownie in only 60 seconds. Just add 15g of butter or marg, some water or milk and stick in the microwave. This won’t fit my macros though, boo.

Think Products – Smooze: Coconut & Mango

I think I’m most excited about these. They’re a freeze at home style ice pop that are all vegan, all healthy and all yummy.

I can’t use my freezer at the moment because it’s in the scary spider basement, but when I move house in a couple of months, HALLO.

Marstons – King Star Lager

I always welcome alcohol in a Degustabox. I’m going to enjoy this while watching Big Brother in an hour or so.

Yes, I watch Big Brother. I’m not even sorry.

Miracle Noodles – Angel Hair Noodles

Similar to Slim Noodles, these are a super low calorie alternative to pasta. These are a life save when dieting or if you’ve feeling extra hungry.

Destrooper – Oliver – Belgian Biscuits

These look delicious and are great with tea, coffee or ice cream. Ice cream. Ice cream. ICE CREAM. Hello summer!

degustabox june bbq box

degustabox june bbq box

degustabox june bbq box

degustabox june bbq box

degustabox june bbq box

degustabox june bbq box

degustabox june bbq box

What do you think looks the nicest?

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