Degustabox February 2018

Degustabox February 2018

Hello all, welcome to the February Degustabox. I think the theme of this box was a movie night in. The box was full of many tasty ingredients and it’s rare that I use each product, but almost everything is gone now!

Degustabox February 2018 Degustabox February 2018

Primrose’s Kitchen Beetroot and Ginger Muesli

This is something I won’t be eating. Hopefully, my boyfriend will. I really hate beetroot and it seems to be a popular way to ruin many tasty things with it. Even if I did like beetroot, I would not like it in my muesli!

Though it’s a pity because it sounds lovely besides that. With ginger, oats, coconut oil, seeds, psyllium husk (a soluble fibre) and chia, it would make a filling and healthy breakfast for sure.


Degustabox February 2018

Indie Bay Snacks Pretzel Bites

These are addictive. They’re like pretzel balls and have been reinvented with spelt and quinoa, making them healthier than traditional pretzels.

My boyfriend and I ate them all one evening while watching TV. Ooops.


Degustabox February 2018

Emily Crisps

I had these banana chips as a snack and they were so tasty. They are crunchy at first but then softened to norma banana texture and taste. I’d get love some more of these. You can also get them in pineapple and red apple.


Degustabox February 2018

KitKat New York Cheesecake

I don’t eat chocolate bars so gave this to my boyfriend who loved it and said it was nice and very sweet.


Degustabox February 2018

Haribo Fruitilicious

These are the newest addition to the Haribo collection with 30% less sugar than regular gum sweets. We got two packs of these and I probably got about 3 sweets as boyfriend is a Haribo fiend.


Degustabox February 2018

DR Karg Emmental Cheese & Pumpkin Seed Crispbread

Oh god, I’ve seen these in the shops but never tried them and the might have been my favourite product of the box. Full of flavour and so crispy. I had these with soft boiled eggs for breakfast and it was such a lovely combo!


Degustabox February 2018

Tootsie Roll Midgees

This is a share bag of the classic American sweet the Tootsie Roll. These lasted a few days in our house, with me grabbing one or two every time I walked past them. I’ve never had a Tootsie roll before but they’re very nice!


Degustabox February 2018

True Nopal Cactus Water

This is basically a lighter alternative to coconut water if you’re wanting to get some natural hydration. I’ve had cactus water before and it has a very crisp and clean taste. It’s like a mild fruit cordial and very refreshing.


Degustabox February 2018

The Protein Ball Co.

These cherry and almond protein balls are really tasty! I had them in my bag for when I needed a quick snack. They’re made of raw pitted dates, free-range egg whites, juicy sultanas and sour cherries.

The only downfall is the price. £1.99 for a bag of 6 small balls. I would not be paying those prices at all!

You can get a whopping £5.00 discount, which means the first box will cost £7.99 with the code FAZHX at Degustabox.

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