Degustabox April 2018

Degustabox April 2018

It’s here! The April Degustabox! An active and outdoor themed this month, perfect for me!

Degustabox April 2018 Degustabox April 2018

Haribo Giant Strawbs

You must have tried these before. Haribo is awesome and these are no exception. I only got one because my boyfriend got a hold of them!


Degustabox April 2018

Strawberry and Banana LioBites // Smoothie Bites

These are a handy little snack if you have a sweet tooth. They’re freeze dried so very light – this means they are not very filling but good if you have the urge for something sweet!


Degustabox April 2018

Idahoon’s Perfect Roasted Mash Garlic

I’m not going to lie, but nothing turns me off more than instant mash! I’m not sure if I’ll have this, but apparently, it makes fluffy mash.


Degustabox April 2018

Milkybar Wowsomes

These come in two flavours, white chocolate or white and milk chocolate. Sad to say I didn’t get to try them because my boyfriend ate them both. Gutted! I need to start locking stuff away until I’ve tried it! He said they were nice. They have 30% less sugar than similar products and no artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours or preservatives.

2 x 55p

Degustabox April 2018

The Food Doctor

These Full of Beans Protein Mix and Smokin Edamame Mix make a great snack. I much prefer the smokin’ flavour! A great source of protein to put you on until your next meal.


Degustabox April 2018

Lucozade Orange

Not sure I need to say much about this. Who are you if you don’t know what Lucozade is and how it tastes?


Degustabox April 2018

Juicy Fuel Cola

This cola is made from natural ingredients with no added sugar and. It’s also one of your 5 a day!


Degustabox April 2018Degustabox April 2018

Mutti Passata and Chopped Tomatoes

These Italian tomatoes contain only the best quality tomatoes, making dishes taste fresh. A kitchen staple indeed!

£1.40 & £1.00

Degustabox April 2018

a2 Milk Long Life Semi-Skimmed Cows Milk

This milk is free from the a1 protein found in regular cows milk, meaning it’s easier to digest and better for your tummies. Love having a long life milk in the cupboard just in case we run out of normal milk!


 Degustabox April 2018

Happy Down Lychee Guava Chilli

This premixed cocktail is great for the summer. Unique flavours make it the perfect garden drink. Made with all natural flavours, only 44 calories per 100ml, no preservatives and it’s gluten-free means that it’s a sin-free drink!

Degustabox April 2018

Mindful Bites Squeeze Sachets 

These nut butters come in an easy sachet meaning you can carry it with you for a snack on the go. There are 4 flavours to pick from!


Degustabox April 2018

N!CK’s Kexbar.

Another snack I didn’t get to try. A crispy chocolate wafer with vanilla cream covered in delicious milk chocolate. No added sugar and perfect for o the go!


Degustabox April 2018

TREK Protein Energy Chunks

Oh my word. The peanut version of this is to die for! I’m 100% going to buy them again. The toffee one was okay too, but the peanut ones are so much nicer – like peanut butter cups? These are a must.

And they’re better for you!



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