Cycling Starter Accessories

If you have ever gone into a bike shop, or had a poke around the web for cycling accessories, you probably ended up a little overwhelmed. Here are my accessories which I could not live without and that I recommend any beginners cyclist to purchase.

Helmet – Giro Ladies Venus £23.99 via wiggle.
I’m sure I don’t really need to go into too much detail here, always wear a helmet!
This weatherproof bike mount is ideal for you if you are using your phone as a GPS tracker. I use the mapmyride app to map out routes, follow routes, track my time, distance, speed and find my way home if I get a bit lost! 
Mobile Phone Charger £9.99 via Amazon
iPhone charging cable £5.00 via Amazon
Using GPS on your phone can really drain the battery life. I got this so I could top up during rests to avoid getting lost!
ToPeak Large Saddle Bag £13.99 via wiggle
My bike came equipped with a saddle bag, but it only had enough room to put a spare inner tube in. I wanted something bigger to carry around more things so I opted for this larger one. I can comfortably fit in a hi viz jacket, multi tool, spare inner tube and tyre leavers and couple of energy bars and gels.
These cages came with my bike. I usually have energy drink in one, and normal cordial juice in the other.

This also came with the bike, attached to my bike to save my life if I encounter a flat!

Spare inner and tyre leavers which came with the bike,
bike multi took £9.99 via amazon.
Life line floor pump – via wiggle but sold out now. 
What accessories could you not live without? 

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