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Tracking activity is something that seems to have taken off quickly over the last few years. Fitbits, iWatch, apps on your phone. All these things are helping people see how much they’re moving, often giving a reality check to those that spend most of their day still.

Of course, most of these things are expensive. There are free apps you can get for phones – but these rely on your having your phone on you at all times .

If you’re looking for something simple and less expensive, get yourself a CSX Walking 3D Pedometer for only £13.99 from Amazon which I was sent to review.

It’s easy to slip in your pocket or wear around your neck with the lanyard. It would make a perfect addition to a hike or a trip out somewhere to see how far you’re walking!

  • Monitor your activity: Daily steps, distance walked (miles or km), calories burnt, average speed, activity time
  • Pause Feature: Stop the pedometer counting steps for any activity you do not wish to be monitored, such as driving in the car, so you get a very accurate record of your steps per day
  • Active Series: 15 Step Buffer – Gets you fitter, you have to walk 15 steps continuously before it registers steps in the pedometer and then counts 16, 17, 18 etc.
  • 7 Day Memory: Automatically resets at midnight and stores all data into memory so you can track your fitness progress
  • Easy to setup and use: accurate and reliable 3D silent sensor with 18 month warranty, includes neck lanyard.

How do you track your activity levels?


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  1. October 22, 2016 / 8:14 pm

    I love being able to see how many steps I’ve done each day, especially now I’m spending more time behind a desk during the day, it encourages me to get up and move about so I can get those extra steps in!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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