Running Update // Comments when out running.

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6 days until my 10k!

I’ve only been on 2 runs this week because of work. I ran 5 miles on Tuesday and then yesterday I ran 4 miles.

I did want to go longer yesterday, but I was hungover so really struggled.

On Saturday night, I wanted to enjoy a glass of mulled wine with the finale of Dr Who, but somehow ended up drinking cider too and playing Call Of Duty. Idiot!

On Tuesday while I was running, a passed of group of boys. One of them yelled at me ‘run faster, fat arse’. Why are people such idiots? Why do people think that it’s acceptable to yell things like that at people. Clearly I know that my arse is fat, which is why I am running.

Humans are just evil sometimes – yelling comments at strangers to impress their friends? I almost turned around and punched them in the face but I didn’t want to lose any more seconds off my already slow pace. Also I’m a wimp and if I got into a fight I would probably cry.

Today when I was running, a man yelled something at me too. Something like ‘go on, girl’, in a patronising way. It’s always men that seem to yell things at women.

Why do they think it’s okay? Are some┬ámen so idiotic that they think it’s a normal, acceptable thing to do?

Then we wonder why women can feel so self conscious about running outside and are afraid of what people will think. Most people probably won’t think anything. Maybe ‘Go you, I wish I had the motivation to do that”. I know when I see people running, I feel jealous that I’m not running!

It’s just a pity there are some morons that think ‘I’m going to yell some inappropriate comment at this woman because I’m a knob’. Wankers.




  1. November 10, 2014 / 4:36 pm

    6 days to go – you’re going to do great! I had only run 5 miles before my first 10K, and didn’t even run as much leading up to it as you’ve been doing, so you’re going to totally conquer this race, I know it! ­čÖé

    Sorry to hear about the comments from the knobbish peanut gallery… seriously, why do people have to do that? I’ve had lads yell something out of a car at me once but luckily they were going too fast for me to catch what they said. Didn’t people learn that if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything?? Wankers indeed.

    • Corinne
      November 11, 2014 / 7:28 pm

      Thanks! I don’t know if I’m going to do a long run now. I might do a 5 mile run on Thursday before but I’m quite busy that day and don’t want to over do it!

      I wish people would learn! Doom.

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